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XUV 500 features


A good design is nothing without attention to detail. While the aggression of the cheetah continues on the front end, it is the details that leave a lasting impression.

Observe the XUV500 up close and you will notice the slash-cut fog lamps, the paw-inspired door handles and the unique tattoos on the tail lamps - all of which speak volumes of individuality. The four-pack tail lamp units achieve a bejeweled look at the rear of the XUV500.

Bold curves and straight lines dominate the waistline, which tends to define the SUV stance. The aggressive front grille blends state-of-the-art aerodynamics with a large dose of inimitable character.


Cool and soothing ambient lighting, comfortable sofa seating, the aroma of rich leather and quality textures make up modern day lounges. Ditto with the XUV500 interiors. The centre console apes a cascading waterfall, and the instrument binnacle offers the driver all the information ever needed. A great deal of work went into making an acoustically correct cabin. After all what is a neat lounge without some quality music!                                 Of course, the XUV500 evolved further once the design was frozen. Now began the test of time – the new machine had to look contemporary as well as future-proof, when it finally launched.The design team can breathe easy – the world has fallen in love with the well-formed, crisp and bold design that speaks the language of clarity.


The XUV500 lets you discover features that most other cars have yet to. Best-in-class static-bending headlamps. A state-of-the-art 6-inch LCD touch-screen infotainment system which houses all the controls you need. A full-fledged Driver Information System which reports to you all vital information about the car. Voice commands, Blue Sense technology, Intelligent features like rain and light sensors...The XUV500 is loaded with technology at its luxurious best.


A state-of-the-art infotainment system features a first-in-class, 6-inch LCD touch screen which houses all the controls you need: music controls, temperature controls, navigation controls and more. It has been designed to help you navigate through various features and operate it with minimum hassle.

A stunning 2 DIN music player with DVD/CD/ MP3 player, FM reception through glass-embedded antenna and 6 speakers delivers crystal clear sound quality. The system also offers full iPod connectivity. Now you can not only listen to songs from your iPod on the car's infotainment system, but also control it using the system's interface.

Over and above playing videos from DVD, the system can also play videos stored in USB. There are 4 impressive speakers with 2 built-in tweeters that recreate the experience of the original studio recording.

The XUV500 infotainment system's Blue Sense technology can pair upto 5 mobile phones using Bluetooth. You can access your phonebook, as well as make and receive calls using the XUV500's infotainment system.


The cheetah – inspired XUV500 is a pioneer, even in design. Walk around the vehicle and you'll discover how every single element has been masterfully sculpted. A chiseled, aerodynamic body that ruthlessly cuts through the air to provide limitless exhilaration.

The bold, glorious lines trace the world's most agile animal in action. The body lines resemble the form of a pouncing cheetah while the muscular wheel arches accentuate the impressive, broad stance of the XUV500.

Few vehicles are as well-equipped as the XUV500 to keep you out of harm's way. The vehicle comes with an array of safety features that make it a veritable fortress. The vehicle has at the heart of its fortification an efficient Electronic Stability Program (ESP). This coupled with features like Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic brake-force Distribution (EBD), Rollover Mitigation and Traction Control make the XUV500 one of the safest vehicles on the road.

Step in. Take the wheel. And find around you all you need for that incomparable feeling. Seats, steering wheel and several contact points wrapped in pure leather, intuitive and intelligently placed storage and controls, individual climate-control vents for each of the occupants. The 8-way adjustable plush leather seats and ample room only add to this relaxing experience.

Find around you everything that's needed to feel pampered. Steering mounted controls so you don't have to stretch your hands. Voice commands. A cool box to keep your drinks refreshingly cool. The list is endless.